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This page contains links to jokes, "tests", and other amusing things I have come across. If you know of anything that would make a good addition to this page, please let me know via my comments page.

Advice. advice.htm
How clever are you? clever.htm
How consultants can make a difference for an organization. consultant.htm
Cool person test. cool.htm
The dachshund. dachshund.htm
A test for dementia. dementia.htm
The drunk man. drunk.htm
50 fun things to do in a final. finalExam.htm
Fish hook. fishhook.htm
Flight safety announcement flight.htm
A good friend. friend.htm
Does Heaven have a phone number? heaven.htm
Hoax warning. hoax.htm
John Kerry joke. kerry.htm
Kids and church. kids.htm
The pregnant lady. lady.htm
Words on love, live, and friends. love.htm
Life's lessons. mature.htm
Men: a woman's point of view. men.htm
One-liners. oneLiners.htm
Why rednecks are not paramedics. paramedic.htm
Personality test. personality.htm
A phone call. phone.htm
Three little pigs. piggies.htm
Poem supposedly written by a young girl in a New York hospital who was terminally ill with cancer. poem.htm
Satan. satan.htm
Trivia. trivia.htm
A visit. visit.htm
Did you ever stop and wonder? wonder.htm
Three trees and a woodpecker. woodpecker.htm
Word research word.htm
Leaving work early. work.htm
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